FAXin with the free Number Portability option

Requirements and limits

Number portability is a free service that Messagenet provides to customers at the time when they activate FAXin.

The portability of a fax number is possible only if:

  1. the request is made by the subscriber of the line
  2. you have the migration code provided by the telephone operator for the dedicated fax line
  3. the fax line has only one number on a traditional analog line or a single ISDN line
  4. there is no ADSL line on the fax line, present physically or contractually
  5. all invoices concerning the line for which Number Portability was requested are paid up.

Important Note:

Messagenet is an operator with a general authorisation for providing "telephone service accessible to the public" throughout the Italian territory issued by the Communications Department of the Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico.

Any additional services present on the telephone line destined for number portability will not be maintained.

FAQ about Number Portability