FreeNumber: your free VoIP line

FreeNumber is a free telephone line with Voice Over IP technology with a telephone number to receive calls from any phone in the world. You can choose a new phone number with an area code of your choice in Italy and in some foreign countries. Service will be activated immediately.

How it works:

VoIP technology makes it possible to have a phone conversation using an Internet connection because it turns your voice into data that can be sent over the web. Thanks to this, we can offer you modern and complete phone services that you can purchase and manage directly online.


Basic Voicemail Service

FreeNumber includes a basic voicemail service, which lets you receive messages conveniently in "mp3" audio format directly in your mailbox.

Call divert

You can configure FreeNumber to divert your calls to voicemail or to another number of your choice if, for example, you are not online, your phone is busy, you don't answer or you don't want to be disturbed.

Convenient, transparent rates

  • FreeNumber is free. No annual fee.
  • free calls to all Messagenet users
  • standard calling rates are cheap and transparent, no connection charge and you only pay for the seconds that you talk. Learn more about our rates

Easy and mobile

Don't change your habits: a VoIP phone is like a normal phone. Furthermore, with Mtalk you can use VoIP also on your iPhone or Android smartphone.


To start making and receiving calls, you will need:

and your choice of the following:

To use our VoIP services as a voicemail service, you need: a computer, an email address and an Internet connection.

Hardware and Software Products


As a FreeNumber user, you have access to a priority email support service.

Conditions and limitations:

Only one FreeNumber is allowed per person and/or company and/or email address.

FreeNumber must be used at least once per month to make paid calls or to receive calls. Otherwise, Messagenet reserves the right to deactivate the service.

Simultaneous calls are not allowed.

If you subscribed to FreeNumber after 15 November 2009, you can upgrade to SmartNumber and keep your phone number. With SmartNumber, you get a customisable voicemail service that you can use from any phone and the automatic responder (IVR) to configure call forwarding and voicemail. In addition, you can have up to two incoming calls and 10 outgoing calls at the same time. Learn more about SmartNumber


Free and immediate activation. Voicemail included.

Please select the area code of the number to be activated.