SmartNumber activation keeping your current number

SmartNumber costs 30.00 € for the prepaid annual fee and 7.00 € for activation.

Important: to correctly fill out this form, you must have your last telephone operator invoice handy because all of the necessary information is on the invoice.

The best guarantee for fast, trouble-free number portability is having accurate information.

Please make sure that on your invoice, under the amount due, there is the sentence “Your previous invoices are all paid up” (“I suoi conti precedenti ci risultano pagati”). If this sentence is not there, your number cannot be transferred and therefore it is best not to complete the order. A copy of a recent - less then 6 months old - invoice of your phone operator must be sent to Messagenet, along with the other necessary documents, in compliance with the instructions that you will receive later on.

Phone line details

Invoice heading, the same on your old invoice